Into the west

Heading into Town.

Our hero, Dragonclaw Wyverndrake began his latest adventure naked and alone in the desert. Having recently escaped torture at the hands of a tribe of wild orcs, he fled across the desert looking for a trail or town in which he could find aid.

Eventually he came upon a burnt out wagon, and two dead bodies. Confident it wasn’t a trap, he cautiously approached, and found a set of hand tooled leather armor of rare quality, as well as a matching carved lute and engraved sword, all clearly a matching set and custom
made for someone. A successful search also found few letters from an uncle Bornell. Apparently the couple was heading to the nearby town of Coffin Rock to meet him and help out on his ranching endeavors.

Dragonclaw continued on his way to town, and found a burrow, battling a scorpion and finding a few gold, as well as a pouch containing more letters from the wagon. They revealed that uncle Bornell had fallen from a horse and died, and unless his heirs were to arrive soon, his distant relative and enemy

Upon reaching town he learns the locals are not ones to allow horsethievery, and he witnesses a hanging of a goblin from the towns only tree. Ironically, the town is called Lynchtree.

After a brieif visit to town, and booking a gig he heads to the bornell ranch to let them know the bad news about their kin, but before he can speak, Holedigger and his gang arrive to take possession of the ranch. Costa, the minotaur ranch foreman, stalls, while Carlotta, the niece of Uncle Bornell nonverbally pleads with Dragonclaw to play along and pretend to be the missing heir and save the ranch, which he does. Holedigger, perplexed and angry rides away.

Later that night, Dragonclaw, Carlotta, and Costa hatch a plot to incriminate Holedigger with a horsethievery charge. Dragonclaw will perform at the town saloon, while Carlotta and Costa take horses with the Bornell brand to The Holedigger ranch then alert the sheriff of the supposed theft. Costa will arrive in the saloon when the job is done., and due to the bad blood between Holedigger and the heroes new friends, the charge won’t be outlandish.

Our hero goes into town the next morning and meets a few of the townspeople, as well as the sheriff, but is interrupted by Holedigger who I plays that he knows what’s up and that Dragonclaw isn’t who he says he is. But with no other plan in place he stays the course.

Dragonclaw performs for the town, and is wildly successful, dispute some of Holediggers toughs being there to intimidate him. He waits and waits for Costa to appear, but he never does, then suddenly, a Holedigger thug arrives, says a few words to the other toughs and they all grin maliciously at Dragonclaw and leave.

Suspecting something is up, the Bard retires to his room for a break, then sneaks out a window to investigate.
At the edge of town, he finds the entire band of thugs, as well as Holedigger himself with a captured Carlotta, and beaten and injured Costa. He admits to killing the relatives in the wagon, and threatens to kill Carlotta unless Dragonclaw comes clean with his true identity

Dragonclaw returns to the saloon with Costa, and waits out the night in his room letting the minotaur rest and heal from his beating.

The next morning he faces Holedigger in the street, and nearly defeats him, but in terror the villein turns coward and orders two of his men to help him, and the others to restrain Costa and the sheriff, and they render Dragonclaw unconscious.

Upon awakening in the doctors office, Carlotta greets Dragonclaw and informs him that the town rose up at Holediggers cowardice, and hanged him. All is well and the ranch is safe in her hands.


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