Into the west

The joys of home ownership!

Dragonclaw Wyvrenbane, deciding he’d freeloaded at the Bornell Ranch long enough, decided to head into town to procure his own dwelling. After finding a domicile in his price range, he went to the bank to procure a mortgage and open up an account (which would help lower his interest rate as well as give him a place to keep his meager adventuring coinage.) upon taking possession of his new house behind the saloon, he realized it was a bit more of a fixer upper than he originally thought, as well as being a depository for the towns unwanted boots. Heading to the local chapel to unload the boots on someone, he got a few leads for a handyman. Namely the two sons of switchfizz the gnomish blacksmith. On his way he was warned by the sheriff of Holediggers brother being in town and asking about his whereabouts.. Thanking the sherrif, Dragonclaw went on his way to see the gnomish brothers. The former seemed willing to do the job, but Dragonclaw wanted to try every angle so he went to check with the younger and more gaudy brother at the first chance palace, the lesser of the towns two saloons. Upon meeting with the amputee bartender, he met with the brother, who much preferred the life of a gambler to the life of a carpenter. The bad wished him well and went back to the more blue coller, (and smellier) of the brothers.

While they were in Dragonclaws new abode, a shot rang out, and narrowly missed our hero. Coming outside, he found the older Holedigger brother. Seeking vengance for his hanged sibling. When words failed to calm the situation, Dragonclaw unslung his lute and the battle was on! Two more outlaws came from behind and joined Holedigger in his attack, and injured our bardic protagonist, but his gnomish acquaintance came to his aid and decapitated one of the ambusheers from a window. Dragonclaw was able to fend off the other two, and they fled out of town after taking a shot at the sherrif.

After getting the lowdown from Dragonclaw Wyvrenbane, the sherrif prepared to organize a posse to go after the two owlhoots.


CowboyCentaur CowboyCentaur

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